Piano Lessons For Adults

 Harmonize your body, mind and spirit through piano playing.

Jennifer specializes in teaching private piano lessons to adults.  Through weekly lessons, she helps students experience the joy of music and the personal growth that comes with learning to play the piano.

* Studies have shown that playing piano improves concentration and focus.

* Taking piano lessons gives the brain a work-out, stimulating the brain so you can think clearly.

* Piano lessons offer adults an outlet for the stress and frustration of everyday activities.

* Adults have a wealth of skills from other areas of their lives that translate to the piano.

* Adults read the language used in music.

* Adults have a store of music and sounds to draw on.

* Every movement required for playing piano is used in daily life.

* An adults' sense of hearing is developed and able to identify many types of sounds.

* Adults can keep a written account of their experiences, allowing them to delve deeper into their playing.

* Adults are able to observe from many different vantage points.

* An adult's lesson and practice times can become a time of exploration and self discovery.

* While there are many self-teaching methods, nothing really takes the place of a living breathing teacher.

* Having a teacher to offer feedback and advice is priceless!

It's never too late to learn!

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