Breathe Peace

by Jennifer Goodenberger

Released 2009
Released 2009
Solo Piano music composed to create deep relaxation.
Listening to Jennifer Goodenberger's intimate and contemplative piano solos is an introspective journey into one's soul. Her music, a mesmerizing fusion of classical, improvisational and contemporary styles, is transcendent, inspirational, meditative, moving and deeply peaceful. It is ideal for healing, massage, yoga, prayer, falling asleep and calming animals.

The music for "Breathe Peace" was composed to create deep relaxation through held notes, silences, and simple melodies, harmonies and rhythms. The lengthy pieces allow the listener to rest on a bed of tranquility. Play "Breathe Peace" in hospitals, hospices, schools, homes and shelters. Play "Breathe Peace" anywhere and for anyone in need of comfort. "Breathe Peace" will calm the body, still the mind, and soothe the soul.

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