Lark in the Clear Air

by Jennifer Goodenberger

Released 2011
Released 2011
Graceful, sensitive and elegant solo piano renditions of contemplative, traditional melodies from Ireland

Listening to Jennifer's intimate and contemplative piano playing is an introspective journey into one's soul. Her music, a mesmerizing fusion of traditional, improvisational, and contemporary styles, is moving, transcendent, inspirational, meditative, and deeply peaceful. It is ideal for healing, reflection, and renewal.

Jennifer has integrated her own spirit and musical voice into her love of Celtic music. Her graceful, sensitive and elegant playing resonates throughout the ancient Irish melodies of Lark in the Clear Air. This traditional music, which has passed through the hearts and hands of musicians for hundreds of years, parts the veil between us and the world of long ago. When rendered on the piano, it becomes harp-like, with a haunting lyricism of melody, and a mystical shimmer of harmony. Because of the wealth of music from the Celtic regions of the world, for this recording, Jennifer chose to focus solely on the traditional music of Ireland.

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