by Jennifer Goodenberger

Released 2013
Released 2013
This Poetry for Solo Piano, is an introspective journey into one's soul. The music, a mesmerizing fusion of Classical, Improvisational, and Contemporary styles, is transcendent, inspirational, and deeply peaceful.
Known for the elegance of her playing, and her sensitive and expressive performances, Jennifer Goodenberger has for over 35 years been engaging audiences as a concert pianist, composer, studio and ensemble pianist, and musical director for theater. She also teaches adult piano students.

Jennifer’s intimate and contemplative piano solos are an introspective journey into one’s soul. Her original works range from deeply healing and spiritual compositions to passionate and romantic creations. The music is a mesmerizing fusion of Classical, Improvisational and Contemporary styles. Her CD's of original compositions are ideal for use in healing, massage, yoga, birthing, hospice, and as ambient music for creativity and relaxation.

“Sonnet: Poetry for Solo Piano” is Jennifer's 7th solo piano recording. The CD is entitled “Sonnet” because all of the compositions were either inspired by a poem, are in and of themselves a poem.

Jennifer's other 6 CD's include soulful original compositions, hauntingly beautiful renditions of American Folk Songs, and captivating Celtic Airs.

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