Welcome to the latest version of my website!  It has many new features. 

* Under "Music," information about the songs and creation of each CD is listed. 

* The "Buy CD's" page is now much clearer and quicker.  You may purchase CD's directly from CDBaby, or through PayPal.  If choosing PayPal, the CD comes from me, so be sure to use the "Contact" page to let me know which CD you are purchasing.  Checks and money orders are also fine!

* 30 seconds of each of the songs on all 6 of my CD's can be heard on the "Listen" page, or on the "Buy CD's" page in the CDBaby section. 

In the next month or so, I will start sending out a periodic newsletter, with information about upcoming concerts, my compositions, and interesting thoughts about music.  Sign up with the "join the email list" button to receive the newsletter.

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