In Lark in the Clear Air: Contemplative Melodies from Ireland, I have integrated my own spirit and musical voice into my deep love of Celtic music. This traditional music, which has passed through the hearts and hands of musicians for hundreds of years, parts the veil between us and the world of long ago. When rendered on the piano, it becomes harp-like, with a haunting lyricism of melody, and a mystical shimmer of harmony.

This is a recording of lesser known traditional music, but music which fits my quiet and reflective musical style. In most cases, lyrics were added to an ancient air which already existed. I was more interested in the music itself, rather than the lyrics, though I did get musical ideas for interpretation from the titles. Many of the songs are nature based. Several even include creative transcriptions of bird calls. Because of the wealth of music from the Celtic regions of the world, for this recording, I chose to focus solely on the traditional music of Ireland. Future recordings will feature music from other Celtic lands.

Information about each of the songs is found on the "Music" page.  Click on the title of the songs for information, and to listen to 30 seconds.

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