Contemplative Solo Piano


Listening to Jennifer’s intimate and contemplative piano solos is an introspective journey into one’s soul. Her original works range from deeply healing and spiritual compositions to passionate and romantic creations. Her music is a mesmerizing fusion of classical, improvisational and contemporary styles.


"Jennifer’s compositions and piano playing are transcendent, inspirational,
meditative, moving, and deeply peaceful."

Known for the elegance of her playing and her sensitive and expressive performances, Jennifer is also an engaging speaker.  In concerts of her solo piano music, she shares insightful thoughts on many aspects of music, including the healing power of music, and the compositional process.  In addition to concerts, she is available to speak to groups about music.  With over 40 years as a professional musician, she is well-versed on many topics, including classical composers, women in music, sound therapy, and composing.  She is happy to tailor make a presentation based on a group's interests.


"Jennifer's music is transcending. It takes the listener to a centered place."


Jennifer's CD's are ideal for use in healing, massage, yoga, birthing, hospice, and as ambient music for creativity and relaxation.  They are perfect for calming, soothing, and stilling; for use with animals, or to help with sleep or in finding peace. 


Breath Peace” is a musical guide into deep peace, silence, and wholeness.

Listening to each note and the silence between them quiets the busy self.
It is a gift of deep refreshment."

 Sound Within - Meditations for Solo Piano.  Original compositions

 Sonnet - Poetry for Solo Piano.  Original compositions.

 Lark in the Clear Air - Contemplative Melodies from Ireland

 Breathe Peace – Original music composed to create deep relaxation

 Return – Sensual and Spiritual “Songs Without Words.”  Original compositions

 Mystical – A transformational musical journey.   Original compositions 

 Simple Gifts: American Folk Songs - Exquisite and haunting piano solos

 Christmas Reflections  Resonant and illuminating arrangements of 9 carols

 Romance: The Piano Music of Clara Schumann 

The arts are a universal source of health, healing and holiness.
They are the very fabric of my life.
I interweave them to create healing, inspiration, and joy.
Jennifer Goodenberger 

Solo Piano CD's