Sound Within

Sound Within

Meditations for Solo Piano

Music for Health, Healing and Wholeness

To Be Here (8:59)

To Feel (8:35)

To Act (8:53)

To Love (8:32)

To Speak (8:45)

To See (9:01)

To Know (9:02)

Total Time 61:45

The music for Sound Within was carefully composed to create deep relaxation. Each piece uses a different musical mode (scale). These modes were well known and used in ancient times, especially by Greeks and Medieval physicians to illicit healing. Different musical intervals are also used in each piece, as intervals can create emotions. The music on the CD is particularly focused for use in yoga and meditation.

I draw upon the Chakras and their meanings for how each piece is put together. Chakras are energy centers within the body, that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are 7 pieces, just as there are 7 main Chakras. Each piece opens with low octave notes. After several soundings, a harmony note, a 5th, is added onto it. This sets the tonality, and acts as a drone underneath the melody. The right-hand melodies are short and repetitive, like mantras. At first, they are presented as a single note melody. After several repetitions, a harmony note is added. The piece ends as it began, with low, held notes. 


1. To Be Here

Root Chakra – Survival, Grounding, Nourishment

Mode – Ionian – Supportive, Nurturing, Reassuring

Interval -6th – Pleasing, Awakening, Soothing

2. To Feel

Sacral Chakra – Sexuality, Emotions, Movement

Mode – Phyrgian – Mysterious, Dreamlike, Questioning

Interval - 5th – Otherness, Centering, Love

3. To Act

Solar Plexus Chakra – Power, Will, Self-esteen

Mode – Mixolydian – Confident, Powerful, Solid

Interval - 3rd – Hope, Elation, Contented

4. To Love and Be Loved

Heart Chakra – Love, Relationships, Balance

Mode – Lydian – Mystical, Open, Hopeful

Interval - 6th – Pleasing, Awakening, Soothing

5. To Speak and Be Heard

Throat Chakra – Communication, Resonance, Creativity

Mode – Mixolydian – Confident, Powerful, Solid

Interval - 4th – Return to the Mother, Serenity, Achievement

6. To See

Third Eye Chakra – Intuition, Imagination, Visualization

Mode – Aeolian – Longing, Inward, Poignant

Interval - All

7. To Know

Crown Chakra – Awareness, Higher Power, Meaning

Mode – Dorian – Anchoring, Majestic, Grounding

Interval – Octave – Oneness, Completeness, Liberation


Recorded in June 2023 at Dead Aunt Thelma's Recording Studio, Portland, OR, 

on a Steinway B Grand Piano

Sound engineer: Mike Moore

Graphic design: Path 88 Productions


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