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Jennifer Goodenberger is a pianist, composer, visual artist and poet. Her original works range from deeply healing and spiritual compositions to passionate and romantic creations. The music is a mesmerizing fusion of classical, improvisational and contemporary styles. Often her concerts are accompanied by artwork and poetry created to illuminate the music.

Jennifer has been performing for over 30 years. During this time she has worked as a concert pianist, musical director for theater, radio programmer, college teacher, and private piano instructor. She is author of the book Subject Guide to Classical Instrumental Music published by Scarecrow Press.

After receiving a master’s degree from Northwestern University in music composition in 1989, Jennifer began to formulate a feminine aesthetic in music. She created a performance piece, Composing Women: Unveiling the Feminine in Music, and also a concert which examined the life and music of Clara Schumann, a 19th century pianist and composer.  Jennifer re-released her 1995 recording on CD, Romance: The Piano Music of Clara Schumann, on Clara's 195th birthday (9/13/2014).

As a composer, Jennifer explores inner and outer landscapes of the mind and spirit. Her original music concerts include: The Origin of Consciousness, Instruments of Peace, and Stones I Have Known: A Journey Through Music, Art and Poetry.  She has 3 CDs of original solo piano music, Return (1999), and Mystical (2002), Sonnet (2013) plus Simple Gifts: American Folk Songs (2006) and Christmas Reflections (2007). In Fall 2009, Jennifer released Breathe Peace, original music composed to create deep relaxation. Lark in the Clear Air: Contemplative Melodies from Ireland, was released on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2011.

Jennifer believes in the healing power of music and the arts. Her compositions are transcendent, meditative, moving, and deeply peaceful. Because of these qualities, her music is often used in the healing arts, especially massage and yoga, as ambient music for creativity and relaxation, and in birthing and hospice. It has also been used for film soundtracks.

As a visual artist, Jennifer uses bold and vibrant colors. She creates hangings using exquisite fabrics and beads. Her inspirations are found in archetypal symbols, sacred sites, crop circles, and ancient and world cultures.

In Jennifer’s words, “The arts are a universal source of health, healing and holiness. They are the very fabric of my life. I interweave them to create healing, inspiration, and joy.”



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